Is It Possible To Become A Travel Life Coach?

You’re here because you’re probably wondering – is it possible to become a travel life coach?

I’ll elaborate more here throughout this blog post.

But to answer your question quickly, yes – it’s absolutely possible to become a travel life coach!

I’ve helped hundreds of people do this through my Travel Coach Certification Program.

 The best part is, that you get to choose exactly how your travel business looks.

Don’t want to do 1:1 coaching? You don’t have to!

Not a fan of the Instagram influencer world? You don’t need to be one.

The Travel Coach Network is all about disrupting how things are done in the travel industry.


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Your Guide to Becoming a Travel Life Coach

There are so many ways to blend your love for travel with your passion for personal growth and self-development.

In Episode 69 of the Travel Coach Network podcast, I interviewed Jill Valentine from UGO Impact.

Throughout this conversation, she shares ways she’s been able to marry her love for travel, her passion for the non-profit sector, and her desire to serve others through travel.

If you like these kinds of inspiring stories, then you’ll definitely love the Travel Coach Network podcast!

Just as it is with your travels, each entrepreneur’s journey is so unique.

But here are some steps to act as a guide to becoming a travel life coach:

  1. Define Your Passion and Purpose.Reflect on what draws you to travel and coaching. Which experiences have shaped your life, and how do you envision using them to inspire others? Clarify your purpose and the impact you want to make as a travel life coach.
  2. Gain Expertise in the Travel IndustryDeepen your knowledge of the travel industry with podcasts, conferences, networking events, and by learning from others. Learn what’s happening in the world of hospitality and tourism, and consider what you’d like to change.
  3. Develop Coaching SkillsInvest in your coaching skills by enrolling in accredited coaching programs or obtaining certifications. Learn effective communication, active listening, goal setting, and empowerment techniques essential for guiding clients on their life journeys.

    The Travel Coach Certification Program is accredited by the ICF.

  4. Blend Travel and CoachingMerge your passion for travel with your coaching expertise. Consider – how can you blend your unique brand story, your personal experience, and your acquired knowledge to serve others through travel? Then, look for opportunities to practice and develop your coaching skills.
  5. Build a Strong Online PresenceJust as it is with your specialty as a travel coach, you get to decide where and how you show up online. Ideally, you’ll want to have at least one form of long-form content like a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel. You’ll also want to consider a social media platform to help you attract new clients, engage with current customers, and develop opportunities with strategic partners.
  6. Network and CollaborateConnect with other travel professionals, coaches, and influencers to expand your network and explore collaboration opportunities. Attend industry events, join online communities, and participate in relevant workshops or mastermind groups to stay connected and learn from others in the field.
  7. Gain Experience Through Coaching PracticeOffer free or discounted coaching sessions to gain hands-on experience and build your confidence as a travel life coach. Collect feedback from clients to refine your coaching approach and improve your services.

    Once you get involved in the Travel Coach Network, you’ll find we host many opportunities for you to develop your brand story, master your marketing, and gain confidence as a coach.

  8. Obtain Necessary CredentialsDepending on your location, specialty, and target market, consider obtaining certifications or accreditations that enhance your credibility as a travel life coach. Research requirements and choose programs that align with your goals and values.
  9. Create Tailored Coaching PackagesDevelop personalized coaching packages that cater to the needs and desires of your target clients. You might decide to offer a range of services from one-on-one coaching sessions to group retreats or workshops. Or, you may choose to only offer one or two. It’s completely up to you.
  10. Continuously Learn and EvolveStay curious and committed to lifelong learning as a travel life coach. Keep up with industry trends, attend professional development workshops, and seek mentorship or supervision to refine your skills and stay inspired on your journey.

Can You Really Make Money as a Travel Life Coach?

Yes you can!

Many of our travel life coaches (or as we prefer to call them, travel coaches) make fantastic livings that allow them the flexibility and freedom to travel as they please.

How you make money as a travel life coach completely depends on your lifestyle, values, beliefs, and capacity.

How to Make Money as a Travel Life Coach

Here are 10 popular ways to earn as a travel coach:


  1. One-on-One Coaching Sessions: Offer personalized coaching sessions tailored to individuals’ travel goals and aspirations. This could involve helping clients overcome obstacles, plan their dream trips, navigate cultural challenges, or integrate travel into their personal growth journey.
  2. Group Coaching Programs: Create group coaching programs focused on specific themes such as solo travel empowerment, digital nomad lifestyle, or mindful travel experiences. Group coaching provides a supportive community for clients to share their experiences and learn from each other while benefiting from your guidance.
  3. Destination Retreats: Organize and lead destination retreats that combine travel experiences with coaching workshops and activities. These retreats offer participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new environment while gaining insights and strategies for personal growth and transformation.
  4. Online Courses or Workshops: Develop and sell online courses or workshops covering topics related to travel and personal development. These digital offerings provide flexibility for clients to engage with your content at their own pace while generating passive income for you.
  5. Consulting Services: Offer consulting services to businesses in the travel industry, such as tour operators, travel agencies, or hospitality businesses. Use your expertise to help them enhance their offerings, create unique travel experiences, or develop coaching programs for their clients.
  6. Speaking Engagements: Secure speaking engagements at conferences, events, or webinars related to travel, coaching, or personal development. Share your insights, experiences, and expertise to inspire and educate audiences while building your reputation as a thought leader in the field.
  7. Affiliate Partnerships: Partner with travel-related companies, brands, or affiliate programs to promote products or services that align with your values and resonate with your audience. Earn commissions for referrals or sales generated through your recommendations.
  8. Writing and Content Creation: Monetize your expertise through writing articles, blogs, or e-books on travel and personal growth topics. Generate income through advertising, sponsored content, or selling digital products to your audience.
  9. Membership Programs: Create a membership program or subscription-based model offering exclusive content, resources, and community support for clients seeking ongoing guidance and inspiration in their travel and personal development journey.
  10. Collaborations and Partnerships: Collaborate with other coaches, influencers, or travel professionals to co-create workshops, retreats, or joint ventures that leverage each other’s expertise and reach a wider audience.

Final Thoughts to a Future Travel Life Coach

Don’t wait until you feel ready, because you’ll never feel ready!

If you feel like you can’t move forward into you have more clarity, know that taking action will make things more clear.

You also don’t need to wait until you have things like a website setup to start offering free coaching sessions!

If this article spoke to you, click here to learn more about the Travel Coach Certification Program.

Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Life Coaching

We’ve worked with travel coaches for more than 4 years.

If you’re nervous about asking a question in the community Facebook Group, don’t worry! We might have already answered it here.

What exactly is a travel life coach?

A travel life coach is a professional who combines the principles of life coaching with a focus on travel and personal growth.

They help individuals explore their passions, overcome obstacles, and achieve their goals while incorporating travel experiences into their journey of self-discovery and development.

Through guidance, support, and encouragement, travel life coaches empower their clients to live more fulfilling and adventurous lives.

How does travel life coaching differ from traditional life coaching?

Travel coaching differs from traditional life coaching by incorporating travel experiences as a central component of personal growth and development.

While traditional life coaches may focus solely on personal goals and challenges, travel life coaches leverage the transformative power of travel to help clients gain new perspectives, expand their horizons, and overcome obstacles in their life journeys.

This unique approach allows clients to integrate their love for exploration with their pursuit of self-discovery and fulfillment.

What qualifications or credentials do I need to become a travel life coach?

The only official accreditation process for life coaches is through the ICF, and the Travel Coach Certification Program is ICF-accredited.

While specific certifications related to travel coaching may enhance credibility, having a strong foundation in coaching skills, such as active listening, empathy, and goal setting, is essential.

Additionally, relevant experience in travel, personal development, or related fields can further strengthen one’s qualifications as a travel life coach.

Can I become a travel life coach if I haven’t traveled extensively?

Yes, you can become a travel life coach even if you haven’t traveled extensively.

While personal travel experiences can enrich your perspective and credibility, what matters most is your ability to empathize, communicate effectively, and guide clients on their journeys.

By leveraging your passion for travel and your commitment to personal growth, you can still make a meaningful impact as a travel life coach.

What are the benefits of combining travel with coaching?

The benefits of combining travel with coaching are manifold.

Travel offers opportunities for self-discovery, cultural immersion, and stepping out of comfort zones, which can accelerate personal growth and transformation.

By integrating travel experiences into coaching sessions, clients can gain new perspectives, overcome challenges, and cultivate resilience in navigating life’s adventures.

Free Resources for Travel Life Coaches

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Check out these other free resources for aspiring travel coaches:

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