These 5 Women Built Careers That Travel the World

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In this blog post, we’re diving into the inspiring journeys of five remarkable women who have crafted careers around travel.

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Arlette Diederiks, from the Netherlands, found her calling at the intersection of wanderlust and sustainability.

Raised on adventurous travels with her family, she developed a deep-rooted passion for exploring the world’s hidden gems. This passion evolved into a mission when, at sixteen, a PADI certification in Curacao opened her eyes to the wonders and fragility of the ocean.

Now settled in the coastal embrace of Cascais, Portugal, Arlette’s journey has crystallized into The Blue Surfer – a platform dedicated to sustainable travel experiences.

Through her work as a travel advisor, she not only guides hotels toward eco-friendly practices but she also empowers travelers to make mindful choices that reduce their environmental impact.

Arlette’s vision extends beyond conservation; it embraces the wellness of our oceans and communities, championing initiatives that strike a balance between tourism and preservation.

In this post-pandemic world, Arlette remains a hopeful advocate for a more sustainable future.

Arlette’s journey serves as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us that each journey can leave behind not just memories but a legacy of stewardship and respect for the world we call home.

Jill Valentine’s journey into travel coaching and humanitarian work was sparked by her experiences volunteering abroad.

After a profound year in Uganda, where she organized the first national disability sports summit and got engaged, Jill returned to Toronto feeling unfulfilled.

This led her to pursue life coaching, which unearthed a deeper understanding of herself and her values, propelling her into a new chapter of purpose-driven work.

Combining her passion for travel, coaching, and humanitarianism, Jill created transformative travel experiences through her company, UGO Impact.

These experiences blend volunteer work with coaching, fostering personal growth, community engagement, and global impact.

Programs like Courage Community Kilimanjaro offer a three-month journey of self-discovery, culminating in volunteering with organizations like the DARE Women’s Foundation in Tanzania and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Jill’s approach to travel coaching emphasizes intentionality, self-awareness, and meaningful connections with local communities. Through her programs, participants not only contribute to positive change but also undergo profound personal transformations.

With a vision for the future of travel coaching centered on intentional and transformative experiences, Jill continues to empower others to discover their potential, find purpose, and make a difference in the world.

Kristen Secor is a resilient traveler born with a rare form of muscular dystrophy.

She’s defied physical limitations to explore 20 countries across four continents, and she shares her stories through her website and Instagram account.

Her wheelchair-accessible travel blog encourages individuals of all abilities to go on adventures once deemed inaccessible. Though, she’s expanded beyond blogging and social media.

Through her small group tours, Kristin takes travelers to dream destinations like Machu Picchu and South African safaris.

She also uses her platform to shed light on the challenges facing accessible tourism, including air travel accessibility issues and concerns over wheelchair damage.

Through her advocacy and personal journey, Kristen continues to champion accessibility and inclusivity in the travel industry, inspiring travelers to overcome mental barriers and embrace the transformative power of exploration.

Astrocartography Coach Sonia Cruz Oro from Travel Awakens

Sonia Cruz Oro is not your typical psychologist and coach. With her innovative approach, she has created the Journeys of Self-discovery™ programme, a unique blend of coaching and Transformational Travel. This program empowers individuals to attain clarity and confidence, enabling them to craft lives that are truly authentic and aligned with their deepest desires.

What sets Sonia apart is her incorporation of Transformational Travel into her coaching methodology. By merging personal growth with worldly exploration, she facilitates rapid and profound results for her clients, allowing them to traverse both inner and outer landscapes simultaneously.

Drawing from her own transformative experiences while traveling, Sonia guides individuals to tap into their inner wisdom, facilitating a journey toward a more purposeful and fulfilling existence. Her background in organizational psychology, coupled with a master’s degree in leadership and management, equips her with a solid foundation for helping clients navigate life’s complexities.

With over 15 years of international coaching experience gained from her previous corporate management role, Sonia brings a wealth of practical knowledge to her practice. Additionally, her expertise has been recognized in various platforms, including podcasts such as “The Travel Coach Network,” “Soul of Travel,” and “One Life,” as well as prominent publications like CNN Travel, Medium, Authority Magazine, and Thrive Global.

Originally hailing from Spain, Sonia currently resides in Ireland with her husband, where she continues to inspire and empower individuals to create the lives they desire through her transformative coaching and travel programs.

From Physician to Culinary Tour Host – Dr. Nadeen White

Dr. Nadeen White is a multifaceted individual who seamlessly combines her passions for travel, entrepreneurship, and medicine. By day, she dons the hat of a “Travel Content Creator & Entrepreneur,” while by night, she fulfills her role as a physician. Dr. White is renowned as the creative force behind the award-winning blog, The Sophisticated Life, and the esteemed owner of the travel company, Culinary Travels. Through her platform, she shares her personal travel escapades, offering detailed guides and insights to inspire others to explore the world.

At the core of The Sophisticated Life is a dedication to affordable luxury travel, culinary adventures, and oenophilic pursuits. Dr. White’s expertise extends beyond travel blogging; she is also an accomplished author, speaker, and medical professional. Her insights on international travel recommendations, handling travel emergencies, and navigating the challenges posed by the Coronavirus Pandemic have been featured on prestigious platforms such as CNN. Additionally, she has achieved bestseller status with her travel Ebook series available on Amazon.

Dr. White’s influence transcends the digital realm; she has been recognized as an O Magazine Insider and played a pivotal role as a founder and board member of the Black Travel Alliance. Her expertise in travel health has made her a sought-after figure within the Wanderful community. In 2023, Dr. White expanded her repertoire by launching “Culinary Travels by The Sophisticated Life,” curating bespoke food and wine experiences to destinations across the globe. From immersive journeys through Morocco and Northern Italy to river cruises in Provence and Burgundy, Culinary Travels offers travelers unforgettable gastronomic adventures.

Looking ahead to 2024, Dr. White continues to set the bar high with an exciting lineup of culinary expeditions. From the vibrant streets of Mexico City to the sun-kissed landscapes of South Africa’s Cape Town and Winelands, Culinary Travels promises to whisk food and wine enthusiasts away on a journey of flavor discovery. With Dr. Nadeen White at the helm, each experience is crafted to ignite the senses and create lasting memories.

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