Travel Coaching FAQs

How do you get clients?

Listen to this episode of the Travel Coach Network podcast! Stop Chasing Clients, Attract Them Instead (Episode 6)

Show up on the right platforms where your ideal clients “hang out” on. Are they on Linkedin? What about Instagram? What podcasts do they listen to? What publications do they read? Are you attracting them with the right lead magnet and nurturing them so that they will want to work with or buy from you?

How do you actually make money at this?
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Every travel coach makes money differently. You can hold private 1:1 coaching sessions if that’s what you desire to do. You could bring a group of people together and serve more people at once in a group coaching program. Some travel coaches turn their knowledge and teachings into digital products such as courses, e-books, or programs. You can get paid to be a guest speaker on a certain topic or even combine your travel coaching skills with being a travel agent. You can make money through social media as well. Listen to the various guests on the TCN Podcast to hear how they make money.

How do I get started?

Download your free beginner’s guide to travel coaching here!

I’m not licensed to sell travel. Can I still be a travel coach?

Travel coaching isn’t about selling travel or being a travel agent. You can start and build a full travel coaching business without booking trips for people. There’s a difference. Listen to this episode on the difference between Travel Coaches and Travel Agents

I don’t have experience working in the travel industry, so can I still be a travel coach?
Becoming a Travel Coach doesn’t require you to have experience working in the travel industry. The Travel Coach Certification Program helps you to tap into what it is about travel has you are so passionate about, what you believe in most, how you want to help people by using travel as the source, and who it is that you want to help. The TCCP program is designed to give you the guidance and ideas on how to build your ideal travel business despite your previous work experience.
I have worked in the travel industry for years. What would be the benefits of getting certified as a travel coach?
Working in the travel industry for years is different than becoming a certified travel coach. There are various roles and goals that you have in every job, all which may differ from the role of a travel coach. Becoming a Certified Travel Coach shows that you have the specific intention to help your ideal clients use travel as a tool for their set goals whether its related to their wellbeing, mindset, relationships, work-life, personal life, and more. The TCCP program makes sure that you have the knowledge and insight on how to work with people from a coaching standard that is aligned with the International Coach Federation, which has the highest standards in coaching.
What is the difference between a travel coach and a travel agent?

Check out this Youtube clip and this episode on the TCN Podcast. Our other episodes with travel coaches give provide their explanation of the difference as well so be sure to listen to our guest episodes.

Why would someone work with a travel coach over a travel agent?

People aren’t always looking for someone to plan and book their trips for them. Of course there are clients who want that but booking trips and planning itineraries aren’t the focus of travel coaches. Travel is something that we as humans turn to for various aspects of our life such as to deal with grief, to soul search, to find our purpose in life, to heal from a divorce or trauma, to connect with our loved ones, to feel fulfilled and happy, etc. Although we naturally turn to travel, people commonly struggle with the confidence or know-how to travel and they aren’t setting intentions for their trips that will allow them to have the transformative and meaningful experiences that their soul craves from the beginning. Think of travel as a form of therapy or a vessel for achieving your goals, rather than just to go on a trip and have someone else plan it all for you.

How do I find a travel coach in the Travel Coach Network?
Check out our database of travel coaches here!
What are the networking opportunities you have access to as a member of the TCN?

In our free Economy Class Membership you can:

  • Join our free Travel Coach Network Global Community on Facebook
  • Attend any of our public events such as the upcoming annual Women Thrive Through Travel MasterFind in May

In our Business Class Membership you have access to:

  • Everything in the Economy Class Membership
  • The TCN Business Class Membership Club in Kajabi
  • The opportunity to become a TCN Global Ambassador and hold meetups
  • Accountability Groups

In the Travel Coach Certification Program you have access to:

  • The free Travel Coach Network Global Community on Facebook
  • The exclusive Travel Coach Entrepreneurs Facebook group
  • Monthly live trainings and sessions from guest speakers, mentors and travel coaches
  • The opportunity to become a TCN Global Ambassador and hold meetups
  • Accountability Groups
How would you define travel coaching?

As travel coaching continues to grow, there are different definitions out there. Some business coaches who help travel agents call themself a travel coach because they are coaching someone in a travel business. But that’s not what a travel coach means in the Travel Coach Network.

In the TCN, we define travel coaching as :
Helping people bring awareness to why they want to travel and what type of experience they need in order to obtain the transformation, feelings, or outcomes that their urge to travel is calling for. Travel Coaching is about using travel as a tool for our emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, social, intellectual, and professional wellbeing including our goals, relationships, personal development, and work performance.

Can you briefly outline the process for becoming a certified travel coach with The Travel Coach Network?

The Travel Coach Network is home to the world’s first and only internationally recognized ICF accredited certification program for travel coaches. The Travel Coach Certification Program is where travel coaches become certified. This robust program focuses not only on the ICF standards of coaching but also the business development side of things which I find is really important. You can learn everything about being a coach but if you don’t know how to start and run a business, you won’t get very far. In the Travel Coach Certification Program requires coaches to complete the modules, pass the mid-way and final assessment, and submit the written portion of the final assessment. Another benefit of the TCCP program is that we have monthly live group continuing education sessions on important coaching and business topics as well as workshops and guest coaches coming in to educate and inspire our coaches in all aspects of their travel coaching business. Once the coach is completed with the modules, final assessment, and has met their required hours, they are certified through The Travel Coach Network.

What would you say are the main benefits of travel coaches?

Think travel as therapy or as a means to reaching a specific goal that you have whether its for your wellbeing, work performance, relationship, or personal life. Not everyone is a travel expert and understanding just how powerful travel can be on transforming our life in so many ways but, travel coaches do. Travel coaches focus on a wide range of niches and areas of expertise depending on their personal interest, background, and passion for travel which means that there is a travel coach that can best to relate to everyone. By working with a travel coach, you gain the help that you need for the goals that you set for yourself or that you desire to set. Certified travel coaches have the training and understanding of how to work with people to ask the right questions, get to know travelers on a personal level, bring about self-awareness, and help them recognize what they are truly looking for. Those answers can then lead to better travel decisions on where to go, who to travel with, what types of activities to do, and how long to travel for. This is why we are seeing a huge influx of travel agents and travel advisors joining the Travel Coach Network to combing travel coaching with how they serve their clients. As a Wellness Travel Coach myself, it’s my mission to integrate travel coaches into corporate wellness program and business traveler wellbeing initiatives to have the added support on using travel as a tool to reach goals and improve employee wellbeing.

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Tell me more about the Travel Coach Certification Program!

You will find everything you need to know about the Travel Coach Certification Program including an FAQ section.