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Wander Magazine: Ask a Travel Coach Column

CNN travel

Why a travel coach is a must-have for some travelers

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Creating a New Type of Career in the Travel Industry

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Fodor's Travel: What is a Travel Coach and I would I ever Need One?

women leading travel

Travel Coaching 101: A Look into the Industry’s Newest Niche with the Woman who Pioneered It

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Ticker News: What is Travel Coaching

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Square Peg Podcast: Breaking Barriers in the Travel Industry

women leading travel

Women Leading Travel & Hospitality: Roles of Travel & Hospitality Professionals Shift from Transactional to More Human-Centric Approach

trip advisor

TripAdvisor: 35 Women Share their Tips for the Road

travefy academy

Travefy Academy: Finding your Personal Niche and Passion in the Travel Industry

retreat boss

RetreatBoss: Enhancing Travel Experiences with a Travel Coach


Wanderful: Take these 3 Actionable Steps for More Purposeful & Transformative Travel

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Travel Coach Podcast: What is Travel Coaching?

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The Seattle Times: What are Travel Coaches and What Do They Do?


How to Create a Travel Experience that Keeps People Coming Back for More


Forbes: 7 Mindset Hacks that will Bring the Feeling of Travel Home this Summer


Getaway Magazine: Do You Need a Personal Travel Coach?

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Travel Agent Podcast: Carving Out Your Place in the Travel Industry

Vacayou: Why You Need a Wellness Travel Coach and More about Travel Coaching


Buzzfeed: Smart and Practical Ways to Save Money on Vacations

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Travel Massive: How a one-way ticket to Ireland Started a Global Network

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Soul of Travel Podcast: Shaping our Future of Wellness Travel

strategic traveler

The Strategic Travel Entrepreneur Podcast: Travel Coaching for your Travel Business

sweat life

ASweatLife: What is Revenge Travel?


How We Can Optimize Our Mental, Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Wellbeing

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Optimal Health for Busy Entrepreneurs Podcast


Authority Magazine: They Told Me it was Impossible and I Did it Anyway

thrive global

Thrive Global: Taking a Solo Trip to Improve Your Wellbeing


Progressive: Travel trends 2021


Women in Hospitality and Travel Tech Panel Interview

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Slick Talk: The Hospitality Podcast


5 Ways that Businesses Can Help Promote the Mental Wellness of Their Employees

wandering web

A Wandering Web


Authority Magazine: Female Founders

travel massive

Travel Massive Glasgow: The Growth of Wellness Travel in a Post Pandemic World

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Travel Radio Podcast: What is Travel Coaching?

thrive global

Thrive Global: Travel is the Key to Thriving


Female Disruptors Peace Unleashed Youtube Show: How to become a Travel Coach

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Repurposing Travel After COVID-19

new zealand herald

New Zealand Herald: Why Travellers Don’t Value their Time and it Means for Your Next Vacation

outwit trade

Outwit Trade: How Traveling Enriches Your Life: 49 Expert Travelers Comment

blue ocean life

Blue Ocean Life Interview


Authority Magazine: The Future of Travel in a Post Covid World

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Best Destinations for a Multi-Generational Trip this Holiday Season

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WeTravel: How to Attract Corporate Clients to your Wellness Business

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U.S News & World Report: 5 Ways to Save for Vacation

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Forbes: 5 Future Workplace Predictions that Are Hopefully More Accurate Than Steve Ballmer’s

best company

Best Company: Positive Effects of Travel on Your Health


Skift: Wellness for Business Travel is an Uphill Slog

md to entrepreneur

From MD to Entrepreneur Podcast: Redefining the Meaning of Wellness Travel and the Rise of Travel Coaching

Quietly Queen

Quietly Queen Podcast: Tailor-Maid Traveling Tips

go solo

Go Solo: TCN Founder

washington post

The Washington Post: What are travel coaches and what do they do?


GoDaddy: How to Plan a Remote Work-cation to boost mental health

Women Entrepreneurs

Fabulous Fempreneurship Podcast: If you can't find it, creat it yourself!


Authority Magazine: The Great Resignation and The Future of Work

thrive global

Thrive Global: Repurposing Travel After Covid-19


Wall Street Journal: The Right Credit Card—or Cards—Could Save You From the Worst Vacation Ever


Nomads Unveiled Podcast: The Rise of the Travel Coaching Industry

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National Geographic Traveller India: In Phuket, Community Tourism is Trumping Mass Tourism

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Group Tour Magazine: Welcoming Wellness Travel


Authority Magazine: The Power of Flexibility: How I Pivoted to a New Exciting Opportunity because of the Pandemic


Medium: It’s 2022 and I Can’t Believe that Tourism and Hospitality Brands are Still Training Travel Agents This Way


Medium: While Travel Companies Laser-in on Technology, the Travel Industry might be Missing its Own Purpose


GenNomadic Podcast: Travel Coaching and the Future of Travel

great work life

Great Work Life: 13 Ways to Create More Business Opportunities

nomadic traveler

The Nomadic Traveler Podcast: What is Travel Coaching?

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Global Travel Channel Podcast

how to heal

How Do You Heal? Podcast: Healing Through Travel

nomad on fire

Nomad on Fire Podcast

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USA Today: Make an 'epic memory': What to know about solo travel and tips on taking a trip alone

business insider

Business Insider: 7 things you probably think make you safer when you travel that don't

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The Solo Female Traveler Podcast: Ways to Overcome your Fears of Solo Travel

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Good Great Grow Podcast


Cheapism: 25 Surprising Ways Travel Has Changed Over the Past Decade

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Human Up Podcast: How to Use Travel to Boost Emotional Intelligence


Youpreneur: Why Passion is Essential to Entrepreneurship and Building a Thriving Business