Why Travel Coaching Isn’t Just a Trend

At the beginning of every year, people see a fresh start in front of them.

They’re inundated with travel trend reports, as well as the hottest new destinations to go to. 

And, I get it.

With a new calendar year ahead of us, the idea of a fresh start and the unknown is exciting.

But having a goal or a dream is so different from taking action on pursuing it.

We know this as travelers.

Others see us taking trips and having amazing experiences, and we hear things like:

  • “Must be nice!”
  • “I wish I could do that…”
  • “Someday…”

We smile and nod, knowing we’ve worked hard and saved tirelessly to take that trip.

We know it’s easy to say you want to travel somewhere new this year.

And many people say they do want get out of their comfort zones and wander solo.

But how many of us actually follow through on these goals? 

If you’re here, I’m guessing you’re one of the few who does – and you want to help more people do the same.

I’ve helped hundreds of travelers do exactly this by training them to become travel coaches.

In fact, I’ve created the world’s first and only ICF-accredited certification program for travel coaches – and I’m the CEO of the Travel Coach Network.

And others are taking notice.

In 2023, CNN published an article about travel coaching, and some of the travel coaches in our network were featured.

In this article, you’ll see how travel coaching isn’t just some trend.

You might even find that it’s something you want to explore.

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Beyond Resolutions and Bucket Lists

A 2021 Forbes article states that nearly 80% of people admit to abandoning their New Year’s resolutions by February.

The article suggests that we should set goals instead of resolutions.

The former encourages action through manageable steps to achieving what you set out to do, while the latter simply refers to stating a decision to do something. 

Travel Coaches Help Travelers Set Goals

When it comes to setting travel goals, travel coaches are well-equipped to support people in individualized capacities.

And while this is popular at the start and end of every year, what travel coaches offer is always needed.

How exactly might they do that?

Well, let’s look at a few of the reasons people have trouble sticking to their goals in the first place and how a travel coach can help them overcome these obstacles. 

Setting Travel Goals

According to the Economic Times, setting unrealistic New Year’s goals can leave people feeling discouraged or that their visions are unattainable.

Travel coaches are specialized in cutting through the noise, helping their clients set manageable and realistic travel goals by breaking their ideas down into steps. 

Another major pain point for goal-setters is a lack of accountability.

By working with a travel coach, travelers can count on ongoing support that is catered to their specific needs and circumstances.

The customized nature of working with a travel coach is that support can be delivered in the ways a client needs it most, whether it be regular check-in calls or occasional emails or texts.

Cultivating the right mindset is crucial when setting and achieving goals. People may experience fears around travel, self-doubt or even limiting beliefs about not having enough time or money.

Travel coaches work within specific niches that help people address mindset blockages. 

New Year’s Resolutions Usually Don’t Work

Inadequate planning is another reason New Year’s resolutions are short-lived.

The intimidation and tediousness of planning travel can feel overwhelming, but coaches empower people to take control of their travel plans by offering personalized guidance while allowing them to exercise beneficial skills like problem-solving and organization.

A lack of tracking and reviewing goals can also leave people feeling discouraged.

Fortunately, the support of a travel coach extends far before and beyond the physical window of the trip, helping clients monitor their progress, celebrate their successes and identify opportunities for growth. 

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